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Local Favorites
Beijing Imperial Desserts
Eight Treasures Rice Pudding
Cha Chan Teng, a Culinary Legacy
Yum Cha, a Cantonese Style
Shaanxi Noodles, a Wonderful Artwork
Chinese Dining Culture
Chopsticks for a More Delicious meal
Chopsticks, a Symbol of Tradition
Drinking Customs on Festivals
Breakfast-on-the-go, a Chinese Style
Rising Fortunes for the Coming Year
Arts and Handcrafts
Chinese String Puppets: More than Child's Play
The Charming Court Lady Painting
Chinese Compass, Wisdom of the Orient
Dough Sculpture, the Quintessential Craft
The Auspicious Paper Joss
Places of Interest
Three Gorges: Exploring the Ancient Past
Millenary Academy
Masterpiece on the Cliff
Yangzhou, the City of Humanities
Feng Huang, a Reminiscent Town
FCN Tips
How to Use Cell Phones in China?
3 Dinning Tips for Computer Users
Chinese Zodiac
Here Comes The 'Golden Pig Year'
What’s Your Animal?
Tradition & Custom
The Five-Animal Exercise
Chinese Cricket Culture
Throwing Embroidered Ball
Tea with Friends
Reunion Dinner
Religion & Faith
God of Kitchen
A Chinese Buddhist Temple
Worship the Chinese Loong
Worship the Oriental Mars
Spices & Herbs
Danggui, a Powerful Blood Tonic
Spice it up: Star Anise
Luo Han Guo, a Healthy Sweet
Chinese Festivals
The Cold Food Festival
Lichun, the Fine Spring Days
Double Ninth, an Auspicious Day
Qi Xi Festival, a Romantic Tribute
Dragon Boat Festival, Remembrance of a Patriot
Chinese medicine
Medicated Liquor: A different Angle of Drinking
Discover Chinese Medicine
Goji: The Himalayan Health Secret
Asian Ingredient
Lotus Leaf, Aroma in Late Summer
Taro, a Savory Root
Mung Beans for a Refreshing Summer
Tofu, Stir up a Healthy Meal
Soy, the Miraculous Bean
Asian Instruments
Suona, the Passionate Rhythm
The Melodious Flute
Guzheng, a Taste for the Eastern Tune
Pipa, a Touch of the Orient
Famous Trees & Flowers
Orchid, Nobleness in Solitude
Chrysanthemum, the flower of hermits
Potted Landscape, a Miniature Fairyland
Plum Blossom: the Chinese Cold Beauty
As Pure As Lotus Flower
Chinese Wisdom
Chinese Abacus, the Miraculous Calculator
Steelyard, a Wonderful Chinese Scale
Ancient Coinage, Approaching the Past
Ink Stones, the Fourth Treasure
Sedan Chairs, Funny Way to Travel
Chinese Common Food Glossary
-- Appetizers
-- Soup
-- Meats
-- Poultry
-- Rice & Noodles