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Sign In and Register

TopWhy do I have to Register to use the service?

Registration is necessary for several reasons. First, we need a working telephone number and email address for you in case we have to contact you about your order. Second, entering your address when you initially register, which will save you valuable time from filling out the same information when you place delivery orders.

TopAbout the Chinesemenu.com

Each restaurant listed on the Chinesemenu.com has adopted Chinesemenu.com’s proprietary Electronic Reservation System to replace their traditional pen-and-paper reservation books. Chinesemenu.com interacts with restaurants' Electronic Reservation System to find available tables, to secure, change or cancel on line reservations, and to confirm that reservations were honored. While an individual restaurants' table inventory is accessible to the Chinesemenu.com to perform these functions, other diner information that may be stored by that restaurant (for example, credit card numbers or reminders about diner preferences) is not accessible to the Chinesemenu.com. Similarly, Chinesemenu.com passes pertinent information to Electronic Reservation System in individual restaurants as required to secure or cancel on line reservations, for example. However, individual restaurants cannot access any information from Chinesemenu.com. In some instances a restaurant may operate its own website and collect a myriad of diner/user information directly as part of the on line reservation process. In those cases, only the information passed directly to Chinesemenu.com to complete the transaction is stored by Chinesemenu.com (e.g. diner name, phone and email address).

An online reservation may also be made through a restaurant’s website or via an Chinesemenu.com affiliate’s web link. Similarly, your personal information is passed through from these sites onto Chinesemenu.com System. If you choose to make a reservation through these channels, you may not be entitled to receive dining points or other benefits as you would as a Registered User through Chinesemenu.com.

TopUnregistered Users

As an Unregistered User, you will be asked to provide a name and a telephone number in order to complete the reservation, as you usually does when making a reservation over the phone. In addition, you will be asked to provide an email address for Chinesemenu.com to send automated service messages regarding to your reservation. Chinesemenu.com will use this email address for no other purpose unless you have consented to receive marketing communications from either Chinesemenu.com or restaurants at which you've made on line reservations. Unregistered Users cannot earn Chinesemenu.com Dining Rewards points or save their dining preferences for future visits.

TopRegistered Users

If you choose to register at Chinesemenu.com (become a Registered User) in order to take advantage of Chinesemenu.com Dining Rewards program and other benefits, you will be asked to provide a name, a telephone number, an email address, a password of your choice and your primary dining city. You may choose not to receive marketing communications from Chinesemenu.com or restaurant at which you've made an on line reservation, other than automated service messages regarding to your reservation.

Registered Chinesemenu.com users may automatically receive VIP status if they honor twelve or more reservations made through Chinesemenu.com during the current or previous calendar year. Chinesemenu.com VIP users are identified as VIPs to restaurants with which they make reservations using Chinesemenu.com so that restaurants may reward these frequent diners with special services if they so choose. Restaurants cannot access the dining histories of Chinesemenu.com VIP users other than diners' histories in their specific restaurant or restaurant group.

For select restaurants and/or holidays, a valid credit card number may be required to secure a reservation through Chinesemenu.com. All such credit card transactions are either fully encrypted by Chinesemenu.com and certified by Verisign ? or processed by a trusted third party. In either case the credit card information will be shared with the restaurant at which the reservation is being made, just as would occur with a phone reservation requiring credit card information. Chinesemenu.com does not record or store the credit card information, except for the last four digits of your credit card which are only used for descriptive purposes. In addition, the third party credit card processor is prohibited from using this information for any purpose other than processing the credit card.

Chinesemenu.com may offer Chinesemenu.com dining gift certificates for sale on its site. A credit card number may be required for these purchases. All such credit card transactions are fully encrypted and certified by Verisign. The credit card number is passed directly to the merchant bank for processing and is not stored by either Chinesemenu.com or the e-commerce site.

Users outside of the United States should understand that all information shared during the registration and reservation processes is sent to and stored on secure servers that are located in the United States. The United States has data protection laws that may not be consistent with those of other countries. If Chinesemenu.com transfers your information outside of your host country, Chinesemenu.com will take steps to ensure that your privacy rights continue to be protected.

TopEmail from Chinesemenu.com

Chinesemenu.com sends automated service messages pertaining to upcoming or recent restaurant reservations, such as confirmations, reminders, and/or invitations to provide diner feedback. While you cannot unsubscribe from all service messages, you may select not to receive future diner feedback invitation emails by following the "unsubscribe" instructions provided.

Where you have consented to receive marketing communications from Chinesemenu.com, you may from time to time receive communications relating to special offers. You may unsubscribe from the Chinesemenu.com email list at any time by following the introductions within the email communications, by replying to the marketing communications with "Unsubscribe" in the subject line, or by visiting your Profile page and choosing to opt out from receiving marketing communications.

TopEmail from restaurants

You may also consent to receive marketing communications from the restaurant at which you've made a reservation. Chinesemenu.com plays no role in the content, frequency, timing or unsubscription process of any restaurant's marketing communications. If you would like to unsubscribe from a restaurant's marketing communications, please contact the appropriate restaurant directly.

TopHow Chinesemenu.com uses your personal informations

Chinesemenu.com will never sell, rent, loan or otherwise distribute any of your personal informations (including but not limited to your name, email address, phone number or any other identifiable information about you) to any third party without your prior expressed written consent, although Chinesemenu.com will pass certain information on to restaurants at which you make reservations, only as described above.

If you choose to provide feedback on your dining experience by completing a Dining Feedback Form, any feedback you provide may be shared with other diners to enhance information on the Chinesemenu Websites and/or with restaurants to let restaurants know how they are doing. Your feedback will not be publicized in a way that is attributable to you by name, email address, or any other identifiable form unless you choose to provide that information within the Dining Feedback Form itself, use functions that enable you to send your Dining Feedback Form to others, or make the information public on any portions of your registered-user Profile. However, there is the potential that a restaurant may associate a particular feedback with your dining reservation.

TopHow restaurants may use your personal information

Restaurants in Chinesemenu.com primarily use dinner information to secure the desired reservations. Additionally, as noted above, if the user has given permission to a restaurant to send email to that user's address, the restaurant may then contact the diner with special announcements or offers. If permission is not given, the user's email address will not be passed on to the restaurant.

Chinesemenu.com restaurants want to provide you with the best possible service so that you will visit them again. One way restaurants can distinguish themselves is by recognizing returning dinners and recalling their special preferences. For this reason, a restaurant may use its Chinesemenu.com System to take note of your special requests, allergies, special occasions or other pertinent information that will help the restaurant serve you better during your next visit. If a restaurant chooses to note your preferences, that information may be typed into its Chinesemenu.com System manually just as a restaurant might write a note on an index card. This data belongs to the restaurant, since it is a product of that restaurant's relationship with you. Chinesemenu.com does not access or use this information, and it is not shared with any other restaurant or third party, other than, perhaps, a restaurant under the same ownership. Chinesemenu.com does create back-up copies of all information stored on Chinesemenu.com System for that restaurant, to assist in the restoration process in the event of data loss.

As specified previously, for select restaurants and/or holidays, you may be required to provide valid credit card information that will be passed on to and handled by the restaurants individually in order to secure the reservation. Please contact the restaurant(s) directly for inquiries on how they will manage your credit card information.

TopChanges to Chinesemenu.com 's privacy policy

Any changes to Chinesemenu.com privacy policy will always be posted to this section on the website, along with the effective date of the new policy. All users should check this privacy policy page periodically to stay abreast of any such changes. Chinesemenu.com will never make changes to its privacy policy that violate any applicable privacy laws, including CAN-SPAM, Safe Harbor, PIPA, or other commercial privacy standards. For any material changes to the privacy policy (in situations where Chinesemenu.com changes the manner in which we handle your personal information), we will notify you via email or by placing a prominent notice on the homepage of our website.

TopRegistered diner

As a registered diner you can search favourite restaurants, and you can view restaurant menus, then select you favourite food and pay you order .
when restaurateur receives your order, they will cook your food and deliver it for free right away.

TopHow Chinesemenu.com protects your registration information

Chinesemenu.com uses a state-of-the-art multi-layer encryption algorithm and makes its best efforts to ensure that all of your user information is secure. In addition, Chinesemenu.com stores all of your personal information on a secure server. Chinesemenu.com employs a staff that regularly maintains the security of all personal information stored, and that continually monitors and implements changes and improvements that become available in the electronic data security industry.

TopRegistered restaurant

As a registered restaurant, you can upload you menu , restaurant information , restaurant google map onto the website, and you can change your restaurant photos, receive orders and generate the menu to a PDF file ...
On the Chinesemenu.com we can search you restaurant , then we can view your restaurant information ,menu , map and order your food.